Former Group Members

Name Years in the Group Project Current whereabouts
Graduate students      
Ross Moretti 2012 - 2017Catalytic Oxidation Chemistry PPG
Jason Ervin 2014 - 2016CO2 Capture Institute of Environmental Health
Chris Lyons 2009 - 2015CO2 Capture Exponent - Consultant
Cooper Citek 2009 - 2015Cu/O2 Chemistry Postdoc - Jonas Peters
Sam Fretz 2010 - 2014Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Eric Stenejhem 2007 - 2014Surface Immobilized Electrochemistry
Brian Smith 2006 - 2012Surface Immobilized Oxidation Catalysis
Pratik Verma 2005 - 2011DFT and Cu/O2 chemistry
Peng Kang 2005 - 2010 Cu/O2 chemistry Postdoc - T.J. Meyer
Mithi Adhikari 2006 - 2010 Non-innocent Ligand Complexes  
Pei-Lin Hung 2001 - 2007 Homogeneous oxidation catalysts  
John Weir 2005 - 2007 DFT and Cu/O2 chemistry Medical School - University of Miami
Tracy Terry 2001 - 2007 Heterogeneous oxidation catalysts John Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab
Andrew Murphy 2000-2005 Oxidation catalysts  
Liviu Mirica 1999-2005 Cu/O2 chemistry Assistant Professor - Washington University in St. Louis
Russell Pratt 1998-2004 Galactose Oxidase models Seeo, Inc. - Berkeley, CA
Chris Goldsmith 1998-2003 Lipoxygenase models Professor - Auburn University
Viswanath Mahadevan 1995-2001 Cu/O2 chemistry BASF Construction Chemicals; Head of Development
Yadong Wang 1995-1999 Galactose Oxidase models Associate Professor - University of Pittsburgh
Pulakesh Mukherjee 1994-2000 Cu/O2 chemistry BASF (Palo Alto)
Jen DuBois 1994-2000 Honary Group Member Professor - University of Notre Dame
Adam Cole 1992-2000 Cu/O2 chemistry  
Robert Jonas 1991-1998 Lipoxygenase models  
Eric Enemark 1991-1998 Self-assembled complexes Professor - Vanderbilt University
Post-docs and visitings scholars      
Linus Chiang 2015-2016 Cu2O2 Chemistry Assistant Professor - University College of the Frasier Valley
Brannon Gary 2012-2016 Cu2O2 Chemistry Assistant Professor - Stephen F. Austin State University
Ella Levin 2014-2015 CO2 Capture
Katharina Butsch 2011-2012 Surface Immobilized Catalysts for O2 Reduction
Soushi Miyazaki 2009-2010 Ruthenium Oxidation
Jun Nakazawa 2007-2009 Oxidation catalysis Assistant Professor - Kanagawa University, Japan
Tim Storr 2006-2008 Galactose Oxidase Assistant Professor - Simon Fraser University, British Columbia
Sonja Herres-Pawlis 2006 - 2007 Visiting post-doc; Cu/O2 chemistry Assistant Professor - University of Paderborn
Xavier Ottenwaelder 2002 - Cu/O2 chemistry Assistant Professor - Concordia University, Montreal
Rabi Mukherjee 2005-2006 World-famous visiting professor still a professor at the IIT Kanpur
François Cuenot 2004 Cu/O2 chemistry Researcher at the Atomic Energy Council in France
Raul Xifra 2002 Activation of C-H bonds by Cu  
Geraud Dubois 2000-2002 Oxidation catalysts senior scientist - IBM Almaden research center
Xavi Ribas 2001 Activation of C-H bonds by Cu Lecturer - University of Girona, Spain
Masayuki Watanabe 1999-2000 Galactose Oxidase models Research scientist - Japan Atomic Research Institute
Lan-Chiang Liang 1999-2000 Galactose Oxidase models  
Bert Klein Gebbink 1998-2000 Galactose Oxidase models Professor - Utrecht Unersity (Netherlands)
Tapan Lal 1997-1999 Cu/O2 / Self assembly  
Zhiguo Hou 1996 Cu/O2 chemistry  
Athar Masood 1995-1997 Self-assembly / Copper complexes NIH